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creating opportunities

Behind every success is an opportunity taken. Grasp your opportunity NOW. 

Looked all over to find the right fit and it just isn’t there?  We create opportunities by knowing who needs a great employee, which positions are open, what skills are required by industry and how you can reach your goals.

  • Job search
  • Skills mastery
  • Employment
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providing mentorship

We help you turn your opportunity into your success. Get started HERE.

Our intent is not only to put you on a path to success, it is to walk that path with you connecting along the way with individuals and organizations that can give you information, share their life experiences and perhaps even a little sage advice.

Your success is our success.

  • Development assistance
  • Business plans, finances, product development, marketing, regulation education
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delivering resources

You are unique, and so is your idea. Let us help set you up to set you apart. Find out why we care.

We have our ear to the ground for programs that will help get you off to the right start, whether you are working on your education, career or your business.  We will share these resources through our newsletter, workshops and one on one visits.

  • Vendor resources
  • Job placement
  • Tools to run your business
  • Collaborative workspace


how can we help?


The Glenn Grows Business and Employment Resource Center has a Business Assistance and Workforce Development Team in place to assist you. Each member of our staff specializes in different aspects of making your business and/or career a success. 

For businesses, we provide assistance with location search and siting, have experience with incentives and special programs, regulatory navigation, funding and finance and community outreach. We can assist you in recruiting your workforce and getting them trained. 

For job seekers, we help you see the best in yourself, get your resume ready to meet your potential new employer and make connections with businesses that are hiring. Our entire staff is committed to your success. 

Whether you are a start up or an established business with years of experience, we have resources and connections that will answer your questions. We don’t just want to put you on a path to success, we want to walk with you on that path. 

Have a product or service that you love, but don’t know what the next step is to get it on the market? When that banker asks you for a business plan, does the fear make you want to run from the bank? We can help.

We can give you information about requirements to start your business locally, which permits and permissions you need for your type of business. We can connect you to incentives and special programs when they match with your business and plans. We have many partners that provide services, everything from market analysis to financing to employee training. There may be a charge for some of the assistance we can connect you with, but we will look for the most appropriate resource that fits your operation and you will always have the last word.